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Use your own image or any image from our website. Just select the painting & click on Wallpaper tab to order.

All India Arts' Self Adhesive PhotoTex Wall Fabric

Bring an entire room to life with All India Arts' Self Adhesive PhotoTex Wall Fabric. It's simple! Just choose the wall you want to revive; and select a painting from our vast online collection. Our new custom wallpaper service also means you can choose your own photos, designs and images for home, retail and office interiors.

Transform your wall into a masterpiece with All India Arts' Self Adhesive PhotoTex Wall Fabric. You don't have to be a professional decorator to apply the wallpaper; anyone can do it. The wallpaper is self-adhesive, making it easy to apply and if needed re-apply if a mistake is made.

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Can I See A Sample Proof Of My Image On Phototex Wall Fabric?

Of course! Just select the tick box which says "Print Wallpaper Proofs Only" in the order form above to check the quality of your file. You will receive two proofs of your image on Phototex Wall Fabric.

Free Image Checking Service

We can check to see if your image is suitable to be printed to your required size.

The best thing about this's FREE to do! Upload your image and give details of your preferred wallpaper print size and we’ll reply with a free image file report with suggestions of what size you image is most suitable to be printed at.

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How to Apply All India Arts' Self-Adhesive Phototex Wallpaper

Preparation : Ensure that the wall is free of any loose paint or other debris, clean and dry. Fill all holes and cracks using filler, make sure the surface is smoothed down and set.

Seal wall with Beeline Primer Sealer : Before wallpapering it's a good idea to use a Beeline Primer Sealer to seal porous surfaces to stop the adhesive from drying to fast. We highly recommend you to use a Beeline Primer sealer as it helps reduce raised edges and the wallpaper from bubbling.

Start Line : Make a plumb line by cutting a length of string approximately two thirds the height of the wall and tying a small weight to the bottom so that it will hang straight when attached to the wall. Alternatively, you can use a spirit level and draw vertical pencil lines from ceiling to floor.

Wallpaper Panels : Your wallpaper will split into the minimum number of panels possible to minimise the number of joins. This means panel widths can be between 700mm to 1000mm wide, dependant on the size of the wall.

An extra bleed of 100mm is added to the far left and far right panels and to the top and bottom of each panel.

Note that each panel is labelled at the top - Panel A, Panel B, Panel C, Panel D etc.

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