History of India

The most turbulent period in Indian history is easily between the eighth and twentieth century. During these twelve centuries India had to suffer foreign aggression and domination at the hands of Moslems and the British. The period is associated with bloodshed, plunders, looting, terrorism and forced religious conversions. It was a horrendous era filled with terrible pillage, looting, destruction and suffering. How India survived and lived to tell the tale is a remarkable story filled with heroic deeds of fighters, saints and great thinkers. The list of outstanding Indians who rose up against the aggressors and saved the country and its Dharma, culture, traditions and freedom of thought from total destruction is long and memorable. The aggressor's policy in India was to portray Indian culture and values as backward and Indians as a cowardly and divided people. This has created false impressions and at times even Indians fall foul to this propaganda. A true picture emerges when one looks at history without any bias. Then one realises how great and brave Indians really are.

India and her people have had to suffer terrible indignities, humiliation and grinding poverty as a result of foreign rule and looting. India's true sons and daughters have inspired and willingly laid their lives defending India's integrity with its ancient wisdom, great values and traditions. Without their contribution India would have lost everything and become a country of converts cut off from their own glorious past. India and indeed the world would have become a poorer place without them. The least every Indian can do is to remember them and pass the knowledge to the next generation.

No other country has borne the grunt of aggression and looting as much as India. Before the arrival of the aggressor in 711A.D. India was known as "Sonay Ki Chirrya" or the Golden Land of Riches. Twelve centuries later when foreign rule finally came to an end in the middle of the 20th century India was penniless and dubbed a "third world country". In the next 60 years her people have risen from ashes and are on the brink of turning the country into a super world power. The day is not far away when India will once again be called "Sonay Ki Chirrya". The secret of her success lies in Indian values which ancient sages and great Indians instilled in the psyche of the nation from the time of the Vedas.

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